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Post by Demonbob on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:43 pm

Accessing Genide pilots database....

Name: Demonbob
Current Status: Alive
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Relationship: Wife and two children reported dead
Current location:Unknown

Eyebrow color: black
Eye color: Light Green
*Reported to be the Jadd Baran ex-bounty hunter known as Demon*

History:Demonbob was known as Arthur Roger, he lived on a space station close to Sabiador working as a shuttle pilot. One day when he was working, the space station where he lived on got attacked by a Tyi force killing is wife and child's in the combat. From there is live changed. He enrolled himself into the Jadd Baran military serving for five years. He said that he wanted to protect all who couldn't fight back but is true purpose was to avenge his wife and sons. After is service he started working as a freelancer for the highest bidder, taking mission's ranging from assassination to convoy escorting. Time passed on, and his reputation got higher until was getting refer as the Demon. After a battle into Genide territory he disappeared from the galaxy. A year passed and rumors started to spread that he may have came back from the grave. More information to come...

Most of Demonbob memories and personality have been wiped out of is brain. He is slowing getting back is lost souvenirs. For now he shows an hatred against Tyi for having killed his wife and children.

Compilation of documents concerning Demonbob

Doctor Ester diary
-Log 1-
-Year 2554 Exon: 409-
-Research station Best of biogenetics-
I start today on my new job at B.o.b. This is a secret research station owned by the genide government. Officially we are doing biological research on plants to make them grow faster. But under the cover we are experimenting new human bio genetic transformation. Our goal is to improve all of Genides life and of course destroy our enemies with a new force of improved Genides. Of course we are not doing those experiments on our fellows Genides, but on simple humans mostly on pirates and other criminals that our government as captured. Also, sometimes if we are lucky we get some human child’s. Human child’s DNA is easier to manipulate then full grown adults.
-End of log 1-

Doctor Ester diary
-Log 152-
-Year 2555 Exon:410-
-Research station Best of biogenetics-
Today we have received a new and interesting specimen, a bounty hunter. After that is family got killed in a Tyi raid, he dedicated is life at hunting them down. For a simple human he did some spectacular feats. He have killed countless of Tyi even children's. He is even rumoured to have played a role in the murder of Silpha Uranir. For those countless numbers of murders he has gotten the nickname of The Demon. We will start working on him this afternoon in the hopes that he could become a masterpiece in the Genide army.
-End of log 152-

Doctor Ester diary
-Log 184-
-Year 2555 Exon:410-
-Research station Best of biogenetics-
Earlier this year we have gotten a new specimen. The bounty hunter Demon, today we have finished to modify is body structure. That plus is increased neural activity and other modification he is starting to look exactly like a Genide. In about a month we will start is brainwashing so he won't remember who he was and serve the Genide's like a dog.
-End of log 184-

Doctor Ester diary
-Log 194-
-Year 2556 Exon:411-
-Research station Best of biogenetics-
I'm writing those lines while our station is in great peril. A specimen that we were working on as just broken free from is cell. I have heard from my colleges that its specimen 00186498 more known as the demon in is old life. Is biological modification where completed and he was at half the way trough is brainwashing. We don't really know how he did escape from is cell but it's rumoured that a Jadd Baran spy did it. So I can only hope that the security captures........
-Connection lost with work station 11062-

Stellarvox Veritas
-Year 2556 Exon:411-
Today a Genide research station as been attacked by an unknown criminal. If any of you viewers have any information concerning this man we request you to report to your nearest security office. We will now show you the only video of that concerned man that we have.
¨On the screen we see a half naked men exiting the research complex he paused right in front of the entrance post then walked away. The face of the man as never been shown.¨
A reward as been offered for any information. Now to continue our show with the weather on Geneera....

*More to come*[b]

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Post by Morgue on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:31 pm

Uwww a road to revenge, nice! I like the way you did little data entries / files on yourself. Made it seem more realistic ^_^.

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